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  • OCAppraiserpros is a professional valuation and consultation service. We are highly experienced local appraisers that have over 55 years of experience between the two appraisers Michael Gibson and David Rowan. Professionalism and integrity are of the utmost importance when working with our clients and we pride ourselves in providing our clients with competitive rates, senior and military discounts as well as the best possible service for Realtors at friendly industry prices.
  • We have completed thousands of private and mortgage industry related appraisals over the past 30 years by providing comphehensive, detailed and accurate reports for those who need appraisals for Date of Death – (Retrospective), Divorce, Estate, Bankruptcy, and FSBO properties. We work very closely with high qualtiy, premier realtors and brokers throughout Southern California to help establish list prices for home sellers and insure they are getting credit for their homes special features and the best possible price. We also provide insight for prospective home buyers to insure they’re not overpaying for their properties. Realtors rely on us to establish current market value of their listings that have been on the market for a while so they can be more efficient and provide the service their clients deserve. If properties are not priced properly in this environmment they will not sell.
  • Over the past five years we have offered a service to those not needing a full appraisal. For those who are about to list their home and have not yet interviewed a real estate agent but want to have some knowledge of their market beforehand have found our services extremely helpful. Depending on your needs we can offer fees as low as $100 for those not needing a full appraisal or inspection at this point.
  • We provide appraisals and consultations based on research through multiple local Listing Services, investigations and interviews with local real estate agents / brokers, logical and detailed analysis and an appropriate level of documentation.
  • In addition to residential properties of all types, we appraise large and small multi unit properties, commercial and light industrial, vacant land and equestrian properties.
  • At OCappraisalpros we want help you with your appraisal needs wherever you are in Southern California. We can appraise almost any property no matter how complicated. We currently serve most of Los Angeles County, Orange County, portions of the Inland Empire and Northern San Diego County.

Valuation reports filed with your clients tax returns should never be contested. With three decades of valuation history, we have not had one report contested by a taxing agency.

Reports prepared for tax matters contain 110% of the detail, analysis, methods, and specific published requirements detailed in IRC Sec 170(f)(xx), and/or Notice 2006-96 (PPA), and/or IRS Guide Form 559 revision 2017.

With a potential 20-40% penalty for “Significant or Gross” valuation misstatements, we make sure its right. Our experience and expertise insure the valuations attached to IRS forms like Form 8971 and/or Form 706 are accurate and well supported utilizing published IRS guidelines.

Strict adherence to the published guidelines works. Works for our reputation, our clients reputation, and most importantly, works to protect taxpayers assets.

We maximize service and accuracy and our product quality is unparalleled. Through leading edge technology and team communication we are able to keep our clients informed with real time order status. Our standard of service enables us to establish long lasting relationships based on confidence and trust. We recognize that regardless of the industry, “service” is the core reason why a client stays, leaves or gives a recommendation to others needing your services. We have clients that have utilized our services for well over 20 years because we understand that timely communication and meeting deadlines adds up to simply a superior experience for our clients.

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