The appraisers with OCappraisalpros have been serving Orange County since 1989 and we are based in Mission Viejo and Laguna Niguel. We are state certified FHA approved appraisers and Michael is an Accredited Green Appraiser. We specialize in estate and portfolio appraisal reports as well as estate / tax planning reports for attorneys, accountants, probate and Trustees.

Communication is very important during the initial conversation phase of any assignment in order to determine a scope of work. Appraisal and consultation fees are quoted based on specific client requirements and property characteristics. Every property is different and a client’s need for an appraisal may be for a number of reasons listed below.

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Estate Planning

  • Date of Passing Retrospective Appraisal
  • Step-Up Basis Valuation Appraisal
  • Financial Planning & Trust Lawyers
  • Accountants and Probate Trustees
  • Portfolio Valuations
  • Gifting/Charitable Donations
  • Fractional Interests

Private Appraisals

  • Confirmation of Value for a Cash Purchase
  • Principle to Principle Transaction
  • Tax Appeal / Bail / Immigration Bond
  • Custom Homes & Residential Land
  • Free PMI Removal / Pre Listing Consults
  • REO/Short Sale Acquisition Appraisals

Solar and Geen Building

  • Accredited Green Appraisals
  • High Performance Homes
  • Green Building Principles and Concepts
  • Residential / Commercial Valuation of Solar Arrays


  • Family Law
  • Value Diminution
  • Bankruptcy / Divorce
  • Boundary Discrepancies
  • Market Trends
  • Non Performance
  • Litigation Support
  • Any Issue That Can Be Supported by Market Data


OCappraisalpros is aligned with many regional / national institutions and several hard money lenders that provide a wide variety of lending products including traditional mortgages, equity lines and construction loans. We also provide collateral assessments for REO or pre-foreclosure properties with either an onsite walk through or limited [drive-by] exterior only appraisals.

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