FHA does not require that all kitchen appliances be present.

The issue regarding appliances is whether they’re ‘built-in’ or ‘slide-in.’ Built-in appliances are considered to be real property and are required by FHA however; slide-in appliances such as a slide-in stove are considered personal property and therefore are not typically required by FHA. A built-in stove is required to be present. Regardless of built-in or slide-in; any appliances that are present must be in good working order and not a threat to the safety of the home or its occupants. Additionally, if a slide-in ‘gas’ stove is not present then the gas line leading to the stove area must be capped; which is generally the same for ‘gas’ dryers.

In regard to dishwashers, FHA typically requires a dishwasher be installed or present when a dishwasher opening and plumbing are present and intended for such use. This item is often overlooked on ‘flip’ properties where a kitchen has been remodeled but no dishwasher was installed in the intended opening.

Utilities to the home must be on and in order to check the proper working order of the appliances. Also, keep in mind that the lack of appliances often raises red flags as to the proper working order of utilities, especially functional electricity and safe wiring to outlets.

Another requirement is that the kitchen must have a working sink with sewage and potable water as well as adequate kitchen counter space for occupants to be able to prepare meals.

An operable refrigerator is not one of the FHA requirements for kitchens. The kitchen design and space should allow for an area to place a functional refrigerator even though it’s not a requirement. Food storage is not one of the details necessary for food preparation based on FHA guidelines.

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